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Option Housing Engineering, environmental quality and preservation (GHQE)
General presentation of the option Housing Engineering, environmental quality and preservation

The option Housing Engineering, environmental quality and preservation (GHQE) of Paoli Tech aims at training engineers in the field of low-energy building (current thermal regulation, energy diagnostic in new and old building, renovation, rehabilitation).

From the second semester of the second year, students will specialize in low-energy buildings through specific Teaching Units (Construction methods, low-energy building projects and diagnostics, networks...).

Course Details


The option’s assets

The majority of the lessons on the theme of construction are performed by professionals coming from the school’ partner companies (CSTB, Apave, thermal study unit....) or from the research world (UMR CNRS SPE). Indeed, those classes represent an opportunity for the students to get in touch with professionals and to get a teaching similar to their future job.

In order to prepare them for their future profession, the students must complete projects on construction or building rehabilitation, proposed by different companies. This teamwork enables the students to put into practice their competences and to deal with the different phases of project management.

Students also have access to different types of software used in research departments (AUTOCAD, PLEAIDES-COMFIE, CLIMAWIN....) as well as professional equipment (Sonometer, blower door...) enabling them, during practical exercises, to handle different tools they will have to use in their future profession.

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