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The Paoli Tech engineering program in Agronomy aims to prepare the future engineers in Corsican and Mediterranean agriculture to meet the new social and environmental challenges facing farming in these regions.

Our objective is to renew knowledge and skills useful in this context, by offering cutting-edge expertise in the sustainability of Mediterranean agrosystems: adapting production to climate disruption, resilience of pastoralism, transmission of local knowledge and heritage, development of frugal farming models, relocalization of agriculture and food sovereignty.

The final-year specialization consolidates this know-how in the field of circular agriculture in the Mediterranean regions, by offering in-depth skills in agroecology, the second life of agricultural waste, forage and energy self-sufficiency on farms, and food self-sufficiency in the regions.


Target skills

  • Manage and adapt agricultural production processes to climate change
  • Diagnose and model the technical, economic and environmental performance of agriculture
  • Plan the management of spaces and resources for a circular and sustainable Mediterranean agriculture
  • Design and implement actions for frugal, resource-efficient agriculture
  • Understand changes in society and find your place in your professional field


Target sectors

  • Professional agricultural organizations
  • Research & Development
  • Spatial planning
  • Expertise (consultancies, local authorities, NGOs, international institutions)
  • Environment and resource management
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