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General presentation

Paoli Tech in a few words

In January 2011, the « Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs » (CTI) authorized the University of Corsica to issue the qualification of engineer in Energetics. Thus, the engineering school Paoli Tech offers training in energetics with two expertise:

  •     "Management of Electricity Grids and Renewable Energies" (GREER)
  •     "Housing Engineering, environmental quality and preservation" (GHQE).

With these two programs, Paoli Tech trains engineers in many fields such as energy control and management, sustainable construction and renewable energies.

Paoli Tech is part of the “ Arts & Métiers partenaires ” network.

Paoli Tech: Engineering education in energy demand management (MDE), renewable energies and sustainable construction

Thanks to their education within Paoli Tech, graduate engineers can access professions in many sectors:

  •   Energy demand management and energy systems and networks management
  •   Dimensioning of energy systems (photovoltaics, solar thermal sciences, wind energy) in public and private sectors
  •   Construction of new building with implementation of thermal regulation RT 2012 (Cep, Bbio, Tic)
  •   Diagnostic in new and old building (thermal, acoustic, electromagnetic…)
  •   Renovation and rehabilitation (Energy regulation for existing building, Energy audit, Low-energy building...)


and can access many posts such as:

  •     Design engineer, process engineer, research and development engineer, business engineer, project manager assistance engineer
  •     Project manager (energy efficiency, renewable energies, networks development)
  •     Operation and production engineer (thermal power plant, hydraulics, electricity and gas networks, renewable energies)
  •     Consulting engineer, technical control and diagnostic
Paoli Tech: Innovative teaching methods and caring teaching staff

Paoli Tech is very committed to offer its students innovative teaching methods built on:

  •   The new Information and Communications Technology for Education (TICE).
  •   The projects linked with the companies partners of the school (renewable energies, building thermal sciences, energy audit, and smart-grid)
  •   The platforms MYRTE and PAGLIA ORBA (CNRS)
  •   Companies’ visits and conferences linked with the topics covered in class
  •   A special relationship between teachers and students.


Paoli Tech offers high-quality training in the fields of renewable energies and sustainable construction

The Engineering school Paoli Tech very early introduced a quality system with for objective the satisfaction of the students, the professionals who hire them and all the staff working within our structure.

Therefore, the school’s quality system has a double field of action: the school environment and the teachings contents. This policy is driven by the management team of the school and relies on:

  •     The deliberations of the school’s Development Council.
  •     The evaluation by the students of the teachers.

As an evidence of our training’s quality, Paoli Tech has been approved by different organizations such as the “Pôle de Compétitivité CapEnergies PACA-CORSE”, the “CLER” or “TICE”.


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